Progressive Visual Decision Making for Digital Humanities (PROVIDEDH): Project outline and first results

The PROVIDEDH project (PROgressive VIsual DEcision Making in Digital Humanities) aims
to provide visual interactive tools that convey the degree of uncertainty of the datasets and
computational models used behind them, designed to progressively adapt the visualizations
to incorporate the new, more complete or more accurate data. The project would not take
only into account scholars, since it is most relevant in DH that the role of citizens has
changed enormously. We live in a society that has democratized science, and the number of
projects in which the contribution of citizens, either producing or using digital resources, has
exploded. The experience gained in other areas of science in which the intervention of
computing has been much deeper and constant will be analysed and adapted to the case of
humanities. Especially, regarding infrastructures, frameworks, models and tools that ca
n bestandardized for the different disciplines in the humanities.


progresive visualization, digital humanities, uncertainty, decision-making
Roberto Theron, Eveline Wandl-Vogt,Jennifer Edmond, Cezary Mazurek

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