In the movie world there are a lot of close relationships between people belonging to this environment. This work aims to explore this data set in order to find relationships by using different visualization techniques. Visualization tools can be used to explore a huge quantity of data and find some relevant information by interacting and putting together some visualization techniques, filtering data by applying different criteria.

Our proposal is a visualization framework with simultaneous visualizations (following a model similar to the Rank-by-Feature Framework) that is able to overlap different data subsets in a force graph in order to find the relationships between people involved in different movies.


Roberto Therón, Rodrigo Santamaría, Juan García, Diego Gómez, Vadim Paz-Madrid




VISUSAL group won the GD’07 social network’s award in thanks to this adaptation. Moreover, it was exhibited under the Postcapital project in La Biennale di Venezia 2009, with the name PostcapitalMovies You can find more information here.