ExploreAT! Re-thinking lexicography


This paper aims to discuss the lexicography paradigm by introducing into a new project, established at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna.

lexicography, visualization, citizen science
Eveline Wandl-Vogt, Alexander O'Connor, Roberto Therón, Barbara Kieslinger

The project "exploreAT! Exploring Austria's culture through the language glass" aims to reveal unique insights into the rich texture of the German Language, especially in Austria, by providing state of the art tools for exploring the unique collection  (1911-1998) of the Bavarian Dialects in the region of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

In order to create enduring value from this resource, the project will apply open science and citizen science techniques to improve access and to leverage the crowd’s wisdom. The engagement of users with the system will be the subject for mind-brain studies, and the results and records will be enriched and interlinked using the best practices of semantic content publishing of Linked Open Data on the Web of Data.  

Journal Paper