Voronto is a tool that integrates functional enrichment into a visual environment for different ontologies and biological data

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BicOverlapper (2015)

Bicoverlapper is a visualization tool that integrates expression data, statistical analysis and biological annotations in a single framework.

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Voronto (2012)

Treevolution is a Java tool to support visual analysis of phylogenetic trees as radial or linear dendrograms than can be clustered and explored on several ways.

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Treevolution (2009)

Biclust is an R package for biclustering analysis developed in collaboration with the University of Munich. It includes several algorithms and some visualization and validation methods

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Biclust (2007-)

My master's thesis (in Spanish) aimed at explaining students neural networks, how they work in real appications by example. Greatly outdated, nowadays the field is getting a re-boost with deep learning .

Neural Networks (2001)

Overlapper describes a visualzation technique to represent intersecting groups trying to minimize cluttering. We applied it to movie casts, paper co-authorship and gene expression analysis

Overlapper (2008)

The Gamma Line Expert Analyzer is a software developed at the LRI to analyze radiation peaks on gamma spectra. These earlier works primitively integrated visualization and analysis.

Galea (2005)

MoiraNetwork is the result of my research project for Colaboratorio'09 .

It aims at weaving networks from concepts via the search and analysis of text in the Internet.

Moira Network (2009)

The Metabolic Visualizer is a project by Ricardo Carvalho, Miguel Cardoso and Hernani Dias in which I collaborated at Visualizar'07.

The idea of the project is to visualize the flow of chemicals during glycolysis

Met Viz (2007)

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